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Official Launch Of Rainbow Content

Released: 12/16/2005  |  Company: 123 Bill  |  Topic: Ad/t Content Providers

The owners of Rainbow Content know, as the industry grows, so are the genres of sites webmasters are targeting. Two of the most profitable of these genres is the gay male and bisexual market, with a special emphasis on the growing Male-Male-Female niche.
So many companies, in the adult industry, already understand the profits to be made with their bisexual and gay sites.

It is time for you to join these growing market genres, with quality sets at affordable prices. To celebrate the offical launch of Rainbow Content, we are also offering 3 killer bulk content deals throughout the month of August:

Deal 1 - Every one of our current MMF sets (37 in total) for one price of
$400 - a saving of $200 over per set prices.
Deal 2 - Every one of our gay / male content sets (71 in total) for one price of $800 - A saving of $200 over per set prices.

Deal 3 - Download our entire content catalogue (108 sets) for the low price of $1000 - A saving of $700 over per set prices.

Whether you are looking to add some more content to your paysite backends or, are wanting to run your own tests on these profitable niches within the industry, the time is right for you to broaden your markets and join in on the profits.

In addition, if you are an affiliate program owner, we are also able to license the content within the store to you so that your affiliates may use it as free content.

Rainbow Content currently accepts several methods of payment, Check, Wire or Epassporte for instant download purchases. Alternate payment methods can be made upon request.

For more information and/or to take advantage of this excellent offer, please feel free to email us at or visit our online store at
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