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Webmaster Board Discussions
by Muffy @ GayAw

The Internet is overflowing with Message Boards, Newsgroups and Forums. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them and there seems be at least one for every age group, sexual preference, hobby, interest, industry, etc. The online adult entertainment industry is no exception; there are so many boards out there that focus on all aspects of the industry, that it would take you a week to visit them all. For webmasters, visiting and networking the various boards can be very time-consuming and for the most part they have to wade through swamps of boring discussions and spam to get to the real good business talk. I thought to myself that maybe I should do a little investigative journalism and bring a summary of the boards to you – the Webmaster. I set out on my quest to review some of the largest and most popular boards in the Webmaster community and here is a summary of my findings:

Go Fuck Yourself
If you can wade through all the threads that discuss things like what kind of car you drive, contests to see who can post the most, word association games, hottest men on GFY contests, and fights, you can actually find some pretty interesting discussion occurring. The first intelligent thread that I came across that received more than 100 reply posts was an intriguing discussion about the growth of the Asian internet market and how this can be capitalized upon.
YNOT Masters
Believe it or not, people were actually discussing business here. I stumbled on a rather intriguing discussion going on over at YNOT. It seems that there is a company out there by the name of Acacia Research who are threatening legal actions on content providers for "the transmission content via various means including the internet". They claim to own a patent for this type of video distribution and are attempting to extract license fees from content providers. Quite a few content providers on the board have received letters from this company and now there is some debate over whether or not Acacia is justified in it’s attempt to get providers to pay up.
The patrons of Netpond were also discussing Acacia so I will not go into detail about this, but I did find an interesting thread on a scam that is currently being played out in the online porn world. It seems that there is a company out there (I will not give the name) is paying surfers to sign up for trial memberships to sites and then immediately cancel them. They are making anywhere from $35 - $45 per signup through their various affiliate programs and then kicking back $5 to each person who signs up for a trial and then cancels. There is some questioning following this revelation as to how much money this guy makes, and the reasons why he has not been shut down completely yet.
The atmosphere was pretty quiet over at XBIZ with a few posts about business but no real heated discussions. There was a post inquiring as to who was going to attend Internext and it seems that there are quite a few posters there who will be attending the convention. The most interesting thread happening on XBIZ was one that asked posters what they would invest in if they had $35,000 to invest in whatever they wanted. It’s too bad that thread turned into a car junkie discussion about some kind of automobile called a Cuda... go figure.
Once I picked around the numerous posts regarding football picks, I did come across some very valid questions from relative newbies in the industry. One Oprano member was inquiring as to what sites she could submit her press release to and she got a great starting list from the other members of the forum. Another poster wanted to find a solid, reliable hosting company and he too got a fairly good response from the other members. There was also the usual talk about the upcoming Internext show and parties, talk about Osama Bin Laden and of course discussion on the ongoing drama involving VISA.
Adult Netsurprise
The last post or discussion that I found interesting on this board was one about adding themes to your sites and banners. For instance during the holidays, do you add a Christmas theme to your websites? And if you do, how do your customers respond to this? Visitors to this board felt that adding themes to their websites, banner ads, advertisements, etc. helped to boost their sales. There was also a discussion about whether world political events could have an affect on the online adult industry and what these affects could be…interesting stuff.
Porn City
Though this board is not nearly as busy as it used to be, there does seem to be some very valid Webmaster discussion going on. I even came across a discussion that I feel will be my inspiration for an upcoming article. It was about Adult Webmaster trends and the question that was asked was, “What has changed in the industry since you started and what do you think will change in the near future?” Some of the responses were paid TGP listings, paid search engine submissions, sponsors paying 22 cents a click, free content, dialers, free hosts, etc. The discussion is definitely interesting and a worthwhile read.
Adult Webmaster World
I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of actual business discussion that was happening at this board. It seems to be moderated very well. There were discussions about which sites women visit, which news sites that webmasters visit, a question asking how much everyone pays for exclusive content, a question about pop-ups killing business, the list goes on and on. The most interesting thread that I came across was someone asking what their chances of building a successful gay site were considering that they were not gay. There were some great and valid responses to this query.
Porno Junkies
PJ’s seems to be more of a hangout for Webmasters to kickback, rather than a place to discuss business. The best thread that I found on the first page (and one of the only ones that was business related) was one that wanted to find out from the other members what their past experiences with Internext have been. Some people responded that they were overwhelmed by the experience; one person said that they were impressed with the level of organization, and basically everyone agreed that it is usually a complete blast.
Underwear Lounge
This board is a great place for newbie webmasters to ask questions and receive excellent advice. There are links to articles that are posted to provoke discussion as well. Though it is a relatively new board, it is definitely a useful place for Webmasters to pop in and learn something new.
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