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Creating One Way SEO Links: The Easy and Free Way
by Bob Frazer @ Top Free Web Hosting

What are we hunting for?
Unique domains, one way links, text link copy of our choice, the ability to change those links and sites that have PR and cover our choice topic.

Enter the Free Hosting Sites
One of the easiest and most often overlooked resources on the net today are the free hosting companies. Free hosting companies make money by placing advertisements in the header or footer of your pages, upgrading accounts into paying accounts or selling services to you.

One of the huge advantages to a free hosted account and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts is that search engines are looking more and more at the number of unique inbound one way links that are pointing to your website.

So what is an aspiring SEO junkie to do? Well luckily, my link addicted friend, there is an answer... "free" and "me" rhyme for a good reason. There are 100's if not 1000's of free hosting companies dying to give you 50-100 MB accounts in exchange for your email address. I am going to give you step by step instructions on building as many inbound links as your little (or big) SEO heart desires.

Step 1: Find the Freebies
First start by going to your preferred search engine and search for "free adult web hosting", "free adult web site" or any other permutation of the free adult hosting terminology. Here are a few to get started...

Step 2: Get Ready to Track
With so many free hosting companies in existence it will be a challenge to keep track of all the data, so we will use our friend Excel to help us along. Make a handy dandy spreadsheet of all the sites you find. On this spreadsheet have the following columns: "Name" "URL" "Login Page" "My Username" "My Password" "My URL" "Content Type".

Step 3: Decide the content Type and Get It
After you have cataloged all of your prospects you will need to create content. While time consuming, this is a fairly easy process. Most adult affiliate programs offer free content to those promoting their paysites. Visit a handful of affiliate programs that offer free content of the type your websites' relate to. When you get around to building your free sites with your new found content, be sure to also include relevant text with related keywords on your pages for the search engines to pick up on. You will also include a link to your main website on each page of your new  free sites. In addition to the link popularity you'll be creating for your main website, you also have the potential to earn extra revenue by generating sales to the sponsor programs that are supplying you with the free content.

Step 4: Signup and Publish
Ok, so we now have several free hosts picked out and we know where to get our content. So what's next? Now we need to put the plan into action. Setup a Yahoo, MSN or GMail email account (if you can) to use for registering all of these free hosting accounts. Once you get your free email account, refer to your list of free hosts and start signing up. Make sure you document all of your information as it will make your life that much easier in the long run.

Let's talk briefly about registering for the free hosts. When signing up you will usually need to create a "sub-domain", this will be Try and create a sub-domain that matches the type of content you will be creating. So lets say you are making a website about twinks, you would try to include that keyword "twinks" in your sub-domain (i.e.

After you have your free host accounts setup, you will need to setup accounts with the adult affiliate programs that you will obtain content from. Make sure you carefully document all this information also to make accessing these accounts in the future hassle-free.

After you have setup your new accounts, it's time to publish. Create 4-plus page web sites (warning page, main page, and content pages). On each page include keywords that are relevant to your content, and create a link on each page, at least once, to your main website that you're SEO'ing.

Step 5: Getting Indexed
So, we took all this time to create 1 million (ok, a little less) itty bitty micro sites, now what? Well you need to get the search engines to actually notice you... right? So lets go over 2 proven methods of achieving this goal.

Method 1: Submit and wait. Pretty easy method, submit your site to the crawlers and wait for them to come along.  Or if you are focusing on Google, hook up each site with AdSense and submit the site (this is unproven, but has worked for me).

Method 2: Create the inevitable link chain (or PR chain, as I like to call it). This is actually slightly complicated, but with our handy dandy spreadsheet, it should not be too hard. First we will assume you have a website with a Google PageRank (PR). If not go buy a link on a website that does to get started. Either way we need to point a link to at least one, if not three, of our free hosted accounts to get the link ball rolling.

After we have pointed a link to one site, we need to expand our chain of links. So our next step is on this target domain is to link to about three of our other free hosted domains. The important factor here is to not link back and forth within the free hosted accounts. Link one to another, one way only, and not in large noticeable quantities. The best method is to actually create the links within the text of the websites.

So to recap: What exactly have we done? We have created micro sites that have good content that is relevant to our main website. We have created possible income sources by promoting the affiliate programs that supplied our content and the optional addition of AdSense on our micro sites, and we have assisted our SEO efforts at no cost except for time.

About the Author
Bob is part of Top Free Web Hosting, a mainstream web hosting provider that offers 100MB web hosting accounts at no charge.

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