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Site Review:
by Muffy @ GayAw

It’s been a while since I have been in touch with the online adult world. After spending the past month traveling around Europe and seeing all of the cities (including some of the racier areas) I am now ready to get back to work. I figured I would just dive right back into the swing of things with a site review. This review was no ordinary review for me because it was one of a gay fetish site; an area in which I have little expertise. However, I pride myself in being an objective person and one who has a keen eye for quality, therefore I was able to give this site a thorough review. Here is what I thought about

Introductory Page
I really liked the color scheme and the graphics on this page because I felt that they really supported the fetish theme. However, even though I liked the graphics, I felt that there definitely could have been more of them. If I were a surfer considering the purchase of a paysite membership at, I would definitely like to see more eye candy. When you first reach the site, there is a pop-up that tells you that you can win a free one month membership if you enter your email address, which is a great way to bring in some added revenue if need be.

The Tour
Like the intro page, the tour pages receive the same praises and criticisms from me: I like the colors and graphics, but there are not enough of them. The large graphics on the tour are great, and really convey the theme of the site, but some of the other graphics that are on the tour pages are too small to see what they are. 

Join Page
The join page is pretty standard for any paysite. They offer a variety of billing options including two different credit card processors, online checks, and phone billing. Their membership pricing is mid range for the industry, with monthly memberships at $19.95 or three months for $49.95. What I especially like about the join page is the very clear and easy to see link to the member support page, where you can cancel your membership or obtain a lost password. Many other paysites put their cancellation information in very obscure places in order to make it harder for members to cancel. 

Members Area
The members’ area carries on the same color schemes and graphic themes from the introductory and tour pages, which makes the site very fluid. The main part of the members’ area is very clean and well laid out which makes for easier navigation. As you scroll down through the members’ area, the page becomes a little bit more confusing and the graphics and text do not mesh with the rest of the site. 

The thing that I liked most about was the amount of content that it provides for its members. A person could spend months on this site and still not see everything, and on top of that it is updated frequently. They have all the major formats of content including video, both full-length and clips, pictures, live shows, chat, magazines, stories, and cartoons. The great thing about the content is that the majority of it fits nicely into the gay fetish niche. There is nothing worse than paying for a niche paysite and then finding none of the niche content in the members’ area. 

The content that is on the site is quite good. It is high quality content that should appeal to people looking for just fetish content and those who are interested in the gay niche as a whole. The videos and clips run smoothly, the pictures are clear and updated regularly, and there are so many stories that it would literally take a year to read them all. also provides a forum for its members to interact with each other, and it seems that it gets some pretty good traffic with the majority of it focused on the foot fetish threads.

Some of the extras that provides for its members are horoscopes, links to erotic shopping, an update schedule, and a member support phone line. The members’ area also contains a section that allows members to send in their own pics and profiles which is a feature that I think is a nice added touch to make the site feel more like a community. 

Webmaster Program
There is a very generous webmaster program available if you would like to promote It is called and it offers its webmasters 60% recurring commission plus 10% on webmaster referrals. On top of that they offer their webmasters bonuses when they reach certain levels of sales. For instance, if a webmaster reaches over $5,000 in sales in any given month, they will receive a 25% bonus on top of their payout. 

Although I feel that could use some improvements, especially to the introductory and tour pages, I think that overall it is a good quality niche site. If I was a gay male searching for fetish content, I think that I could find everything that I was looking for at As I mentioned before, the site comes off as more than just a typical paysite, it feels more like a tightly knit community of members with a common interest.
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