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How Important is "The Other Stuff"?
by Muffy @ GayAw

Why do surfers visit adult paysites? The number one reason of course is to see some porn! To be more specific, what format of porn are these surfers seeking? Live feeds, videos, movie clips, and pictures are what the majority of surfers are looking for when they purchase a membership for a paysite. So, why then do most paysites contain stuff like games, stories, magazines, and even non-porn related material? There are two reasons actually. The number one reason is to provide as much content as possible for the surfers in the hopes of enticing them to stick around for a month or longer. The second reason that paysites provide this additional content is for ‘that’ minority. There is a small group of people out there that need other types of stimulation either to complement the vids and pics or instead of them. This small percentage of surfers need that little bit more to get them going and to keep them interested. My fiancé even claims to be more aroused by erotic stories than by actual videos or pictures (but I am not still sure if I completely believe him). Let’s examine the different types of auxiliary content:

While games seem childish and perhaps at first do not seem to mix well with sex, they can in fact be just what surfers need to relax or to take a break from staring at videos and pictures. Adults do love games as much as kids, whether they care to admit it or not. How many times have you been to someone’s house for dinner and out comes Balderdash or Pictionary when the meal is over? Adults do enjoy online games as much as they enjoy their board games because they give them a little break from the monotony of their everyday lives, especially during their work hours. The chances are that many of the surfers that visit your site for porn, will also be frequenting many of the gaming sites out there as well. Why not provide them with both of their vices in one place? 

As I have already stated, there are a small number of people, my fiancé included, that prefer erotic stories to actual visual pornographic material. They prefer to imagine the scene in their heads, perhaps with their own choices for the characters as opposed to having it all out in the open for them in the form of pictures or videos. If written properly, erotic stories can be quite provocative and fulfilling. Some people enjoy reading the stories as a prelude to viewing the real thing. The important thing to remember if you wish to include stories, as a part of your site content is that they must be well written and you must have a good variety. The number one thing that turns me off when I read an erotic story is poor writing that is full of spelling and grammatical errors. The majority of your surfers are fairly intelligent people so do not insult them with stories that seem to be written for extremely simple minds. Also, if you intend to have your surfers renew their memberships, then you must continually add to your story content.

E-zines are essentially just an online version of a magazine. There are new issues either weekly or monthly and they contain articles, stories, features, pictures, cartoons, etc. E-zines are a great source of fresh and updated content for your member base. Members can find them informative and interesting, especially if the e-zine caters to their particular fetish. The great thing about e-zines for webmasters is that you can obtain them for a fairly low price from content providers. Another benefit of e-zines is that there is at least one of them for every single niche out there. 

Online Shopping
Many paysites provide their surfers with an online shopping experience as well. Now, in my opinion, there are both positive and negative aspects to supplying your members with this type of service. On the positive side, you are giving your customers a whole sex portal. They would not have to look anywhere else if they were in the market for a dildo or a bottle of penis enhancing pills. For the Webmaster, there is another revenue stream for the site. On the negative side, your customers can end up feeling cheated. They have just paid to become a member to your site and once inside they realize that not everything is free. Their feeling would be that they purchased a membership to look at some porn, not to visit an online shopping mall where they will have to whip out their credit cards again. All in all, I would say that this type of addition to a paysite should be used with caution. It should not be prevalent to your members with banners all over your site, but rather with a simple link to the actual online store. 

There are a few other types of content that can be added to diversify your paysite and they include personals, message boards and non-porn related material. I do think the idea of giving your members a "portal" where they can find everything at their fingertips is the smart way to go. The pornographic videos and pictures can only keep people interested for so long. After they get off they are sure to want to occupy their minds with something else. Be creative and original when choosing the different varieties of content that you wish to add to your site. Last but not least, as with your main video and picture content, do not let your additional content get stagnant. Continually update your games, stories, e-zines, etc. on a regular basis to ensure that you are giving your members enough "stuff" to fulfil them.
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