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Generating Gay Niche Traffic Through Less Popular Methods
by Webmaster Labor @

Many of the more obvious way to generate gay traffic involve gay TGPs, search engine pages, link list categories, pic posts, movie gallery posts, and AVS traffic. This article deals with generating gay niche traffic through more non-conventional means.

Create a Gay Info Gateway

There are many pages on the internet that deal with gay social, health, and lifestyle issues. These take the form of chat boards, email discussion lists, informational web pages, and Usenet forums. These should be your first target in filtering your traffic.

By filtering, I mean, building sites that attract the readers of these Internet areas and building mechanisms in the sites you've created to eventually take them to your adult site.

Step 1: First Stage Pages
Offer information that mirrors or adds to the bulk of the themes that are already existing in the non-porn gay areas described above. Offer either new information, reconstructed (paraphrased and cross referenced) information, or informational links. Don't be tempted to put porn links at this stage since the traffic is still fairly unfiltered, you must focus on having your pages be an extension of the content of the areas you are recruiting traffic from. Once you've built your first stage pages, start promoting these on the message areas listed above by quoting your own material while participating in the discussions in the forums above. This stage in the process is very time intensive because you are building trust to lure existing traffic. The pages you build also will generate search engine traffic, so keep building pages, and build credibility with both existing sites' traffic and search engines.

Key point: First level filter sites are very specific to the websites/forums you will be promoting these sites on. So there has to be a 1:1 correlation in terms of topic. For example: If you plan to filter traffic from a heavily read gay health forum, your pages must be regarding gay health (and I'm not talking about men's health a.k.a. penis pill articles).

Step 2: Retain Your Recruited Traffic
Gay traffic is definitely smaller than straight traffic. Hence, you must take extra care in retaining this traffic by offering newsletters, email lists for site update information, and other devices on your site. Grow your first level filter site by putting "refer this to a friend" features on almost all your pages.

Step 3: Aggregate Traffic From Your Specific Interest Filter Sites
Once you've built a network of topic specific pages that reflect the specific topics of non-porn pages/forums/areas you are recruiting from, create a non-porn hub site where all these topics are discussed. Offer freshly updated content/articles in each of the topic areas that you aggregate. Put a link to your hub site on all your other pages.

Aggressively market your hub site through search engines, community site link areas, link exchanges, etc.

Step 4: Filtering to Porn From Your Hub Site
Once your hub site is well stocked with exclusive articles/non porn content to retain your traffic. Have a "Gay entertainment" or "Adult Entertainment" link at your hub site. This should lead to a fairly mild area that discusses gay dating/gay encounters/etc... (Adult Friend Finder, Dating Gold, and other such affiliate programs would be good for this area).

Step 5: Purely Gay Porn Site
Using the comparatively mild gay dating/gay entertainment area of your hub site, link them using suggestive but not fully nude or vulgar graphics to your full on gay porn area. My suggestion would be to use gay site reviews and sample content from free hosted galleries. Remember, credibility is everything so don't go overboard. You must still speak to your traffic in the manner they are accustomed to which is in an even tone and informative manner.

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