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5 Tips for Improving Search Engine Placement
by Chrislyn @ GayAw

A website with a good search engine listing may see a dramatic increase in traffic. Here are five tips to improve your search engine placement.

1. No Hiding Allowed
Although some search engines use crawlers or robots, websites are also checked by human eyes. Placing hidden words on your page, cloaking the actual web page, or redirecting your visitors to another place is frowned upon. Whatever page you list for the search engine, should be the same page the visitor sees. Implementing these techniques may seem like a brilliant idea at first, but it is a sure fire way to get banned from a search engine if you get caught. This costs you more visitors and money in the long run.

2. Be Careful With Your Links
Don't link to link pages. Search engines that use your number of links as a partial basis of your placement are weeding out link farms to make their search engines more effective for their customers. They are also deleting sites that use them, even if it is a link to your entry page. Try not to submit entry pages to the search engines. Search engines already function as an entry to your site. They want to send their users directly to the information they want. If you really like the entry page, use it to screen out underage visitors or to provide teasers to your site. These can be the beginnings of stories or g-rated pictures. Also make sure all of the links work on the page you submit, before you submit it. You already know how aggravating it can be to click on a link and it not work.

3. Don't Get Caught In A Lie
Remember that search engines are trying to make money. The better their search engine works, the more money making potential they have. This means that they want their searches to reflect as accurately as possible. Use words that accurately reflect your topic. As a gay adult webmaster, it is much more important for you to make sure that you are not optimizing search engine placement for keywords that attract children. The search engine will get a complaint and you will lose traffic. Also, do not duplicate. Copying the same page and naming it differently to make the search engine think you have alot of information will not work long. You will quickly lose visitors, and your spot on the search engine as well.

4. Create and Locate Content
Most webmasters at some point were surfers. You probably spent hours taking in websites and thought to yourself, "I can do this ... AND, I can do it better." If you think back to those days, web pages with great content were king. The same holds true even now. Not only do you need fabulous pictures, but you need information. 85% of surfers use search engines, and everyone that uses a search engine is searching for something they want to find. Searchers know what they want before they search. If they want your topic, you must have enough of it for search engines to highly rank your website under related subjects. If you are offering men's college dorm fantasies, or muscular military men, then you need to have as many stories related to this as possible. Search engines recognize the complexities of websites, and give higher ranking to those with the most content.

5. Optimize your Web Pages
Use all of the tools available to you. Everything from your title to your description should reflect the information you place on your page. Use Meta Title Tags, and Meta Description Tags on each web page you create. If you have a page that you do not want to be listed, tell the search engine under a Meta Robots Tag. You are going to have to decide if it is worth it to you to write a Meta Keyword Tag. Many of the search engines no longer use this tag or may choose the keywords for you. This is to make sure that their searchers are finding the information they are looking for. There are Meta Tag generators and tag analyzers available free on the internet. Use them to save time, and to improve the tags you create.

Making sure your web pages follow these 5 simple rules can increase your placement on search engines and bring more visitors into your website. As a gay adult webmaster, your audience has already been narrowed to some degree, don't miss out on part of your audience, by not following these steps.
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