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Live adult gay cams
by Muffy @ GayAw
The one thing I've really noticed when it comes to adult gay cams is that it's difficult to find a site that provides enough dreamy hunks to keep you interested. Sometimes you find a new gay site to explore, but after a quick glance, see that nothing really catches your eye. The people at have managed to put together an elite mix of the dreamiest guys with muscular bodies, friendly faces and big cocks that will tantalize any lover of gay cams. The best part is that the site is really easy to use and the prices won't burn a hole in your wallet!
Adult Writing Tutorial
by Muffy @ GayAw
Why is it, in an industry that has a large population of educated and creative minds, there are so many sites that contain poor writing, spelling, and grammatical errors? Never fear, we are here to help out with a few tips and pointers that can make writing text for your site simple and painless.
Is Your Website's Color Scheme Scaring Your Money Away?
by Chrislyn @ GayAw
Professionalism is the key to maintaining visitors. Your Website's colors are an important factor to imparting that image. Using color harmony, avoiding eye strain, and choosing web safe primary colors are three techniques to create a professional looking web site as well as improve visitor response.
Webmaster Board Discussions
by Muffy @ GayAw
If you can weed through the spam, arguments, nonsense, & off topic chit-chat of the popular adult webmaster message boards, you can actually find some worthwhile business related discussions. Check out what we recently uncovered.
The Neophyte Webmasters' Guide to TopLists
by Jo Hawke @ Gay Streams
Toiling away at your website day in and day out trying to get more traffic? You have some traffic but it's not making you any money and you want more? This article discusses the ins and outs of TopLists. Everything from 'playing' other TopLists to running your own.
The Agony of Streaming Video Content
by Jo Hawke @ Gay Streams
You've built a nice little membership site and now you'd like to serve what all the other up-and-coming pay-sites have: Movies. So, what are your options? Well, you can always cut cost by making your own.
Stat Attack: Wake Up and Smell the Money
by Jo Hawke @ Gay Streams
Stats monitoring is an integral part of running a web based business, especially for adult Webmasters. Keeping up with trends and tweaking your sites can produce significant increases in your monthly income.
Get Free Publicity By Sharing Your Knowledge
by Muffy @ GayAw
By sharing your knowledge with others in the industry you can gain valuable publicity for your business. Here is a comprehensive guide to putting together articles for publication on webmaster resource sites.
5 Tips for Improving Search Engine Placement
by Chrislyn @ GayAw
A website with a good search engine listing may see a dramatic increase in traffic. Here are five tips to improve your search engine placement.
Creating One Way SEO Links: The Easy and Free Way
by Bob Frazer @ Top Free Web Hosting
Here we discuss how to create small free websites that will help boost search engine traffic to your main website by increasing inbound links. In the process we will be creating additional revenue streams, all only at the cost of your free time.
Search Engines: The Great & Powerful
by Jo Hawke @ Gay Streams
Search Engines are the absolute most common way to find anything and everything in, on, or near the planet. Become a pro on the engines and you can retire to Bali and live with beautiful naked men in a mud hut.
Site Review:
by Muffy @ GayAw
Muffy's latest website review case study is, a gay fetish paysite. Here she analyzes everything from the tour to the members area and gives you some insight on what elements she think are on point and what could be improved on.
Profitable Laziness: More Money, Less Work
by Jo Hawke @ Gay Streams
We are all looking for ways to make more money. We have plans, dreams, hopes and yearnings. An important factor in fatting profit margins is increasing productivity. Here we discuss five steps that will get you going in the right direction.
How Important is "The Other Stuff"?
by Muffy @ GayAw
Why do surfers visit a paysite? The obvious answer would be for pictures, videos, and feeds. But what other stuff can you add to a paysite to increase member retention?
Network Management and Website Monitoring Services
by Markus Linke @ NMS Alert
This article discusses the points on how a quality network management system automates the monitoring of your servers and provides you with advance warning should anything go wrong.
5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
by Chrislyn @ GayAW
Once you have your website up and running, you need to promote your site to get visitors to see it. Here are 5 simple ways gay webmasters can get the word out.
Making Search Engine Traffic Work For You
by Muffy @ GayAw
Search engine traffic is a key element to a successful adult site. Here are some important guidelines to follow in order to prepare your sites for good search engine placement.
Are You a Bill Clinton Webmaster?
by David Leonhardt @ The Happy Guy
"Florida" is the code name that search engine optimizer wizards gave to a November, 2003, shakeup at Google. Is your website compliant with these changes? In fact, do you really need to change anything at all? Read on as some post-Florida rules are laid out for you.
The Importance of Customer Service
by Muffy @ GayAw
Customer service is an issue that could make or break your business. Here are some helpful guidelines in order to insure that your customers are properly taken care of.
Generating Gay Niche Traffic Through Less Popular Methods
by Webmaster Labor @
Many of the more obvious way to generate gay traffic involve gay TGPs, search engine pages, link list categories, pic posts, movie gallery posts, and AVS traffic. This article deals with generating gay niche traffic through more non- conventional means.
ToyBoys' Thoughts On The Gay Adult Online Marketplace
by ToyBoy @
This article by ToyBoy gives a good long look at the gay adult marketplace. His insight is golden as he is the business development manager and affiliate manager of one of the larger gay/bi/curious programs out there.
Free Hosting: A Good Place To Start?
by Duncan @ Sex FreeX Links
Here are some of the pros and cons you may wish to consider before you decide to use free hosting over pay hosting.
Setting Up Your First Web Hosting Account
by Web Host Directory @
Setting up a web hosting account for the first time can be confusing and frustrating for the novice. This article will guide you through the steps of setting up a new web hosting account for your website.
Setting Up Your First Web Hosting Account
by Web Host Directory @
Setting up a web hosting account for the first time can be confusing and frustrating for the novice. This article will guide you through the steps of setting up a new web hosting account for your website.
Email Marketing Aimed Towards Repeat Business
by Chrislyn @ GayAW
Repeat customers are your best source of income. If you do not keep an email list, now is the time to start. Here are some proven techniques to build your email list.
A Simple Guide to More Effective Marketing
by Chrislyn @ GayAw
Flying by the seat of your pants is not the most effective approach to marketing, but most new marketers, do just that. In order to be a successful web presence, you must have a marketing plan to follow.
Finding The Right Ecommerce Providers
by Web Host Directory @
Here are 5 important tips that will help you choose the right ecommerce providers for your website.
Scoping Out the Competition
by Muffy @ GayAw
A key factor to any successful business is knowing the competition inside & out. The most prosperous companies in your area of business can teach you important lessons that will guide you to building your own empire.
7 Tips to a Better Web Site for Newbie Webmasters
by Chrislyn @ GayAw
As a newbie, it is hard to know where to start. Here are seven basic tips to lead you in the right direction when getting ready to display all of the content on your web pages.
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